OneView Calendar

The clearest calendar app in the world.
Quick tips!
The app above is live! That means it's not just a picture, so scroll up and touch it. Try it on any device now.
Zoom with two fingers or with the scroll wheel. You can also zoom in and out by tapping directly on a day, week, month or year.
Have you got Android or do you use Google calendar? Hit the top menu and connect with your gmail account to see your appointments live in the app.
Drag the add button to add something. If you drop it on the left side of the screen it will be a longer booking and if you drop it on the right side it will be a short one.
Get it on Google Play Try the web app
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The basics
OneView Calendar is a new innovative calendar app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and for the web. You can use it alongside or instead of your standard calendar. OneView Calendar doesn't have a day view, week view, month view or an agenda view instead it replaces all of these views with one single view that is zoomable and scrollable. This turns out to be a much easier way to grasp what is going on. It just feels right and I know you will love it!
Eveybody needs a good calendar, so let them know about OneView Calendar!

By Peter Molyneux, Sweden. Contact peter@oneviewcalendar.comPress Kit