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What people are saying

“I love it! I am a very organised person. I have put up with mediocre calendar apps all my life. Finally someone has made a UI paradigm for calendars that actually reflects how I think about and manage my time!”

- Bevan Rudge

“With the looming shutdown of Sunrise, I've been looking for a new calendar app that offers an intuitive view of events, and it's immediately clear that OneView is the next leap forward.”

- Brad Mallow

“Loving the app so far! When I first saw it, the design of it blew my mind, but I wasn't sure how practical it was really going to be. After getting the chance to test out the beta, it really is awesome and I use it as my main calendar app now.”

- Tyler Smith

“Just want to say: I LOVE THIS CALENDAR. This is the calendar I've been searching for my whole life, mostly because it's NOT a Gregorian calendar but rather smooth zoomable timeline. I don't often pay for apps but this is one I'd drop 10 bucks OneView.”

- Adam Wong

What is OneView Calendar?

OneView Calendar is a new innovative calendar app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and for the web. You can use it alongside or instead of your standard calendar. OneView Calendar doesn't have a day view, week view, month view or an agenda view. Instead, it replaces all of these views with one single view that is zoomable and scrollable. This turns out to be a much easier way to grasp what is going on. It just feels right and I know you will love it!

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